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CREATIVE Land & Water Engineering, LLC (CLAWE) is a group of civil and environmental scientists and engineers with more than 30 years of experience in resolving design and permitting issues for more than 300 residential and commercial developments. We know that we cannot create land and water for you. However, a creative solution can make a big difference for using your land and water. We have a track record that we can work with different background people to solve extreme difficult problems or to deal with very tough situations.   We have successfully turned a 10-lot subdivision into 68-unit development. We corrected FEMA flood map errors and gained land right back for dozens of homes. We also helped many of our clients to reclaim “unbuildable” land for their dream homes. We safe guard our developer clients through, otherwise, stormy design, permitting, and construction journey. We make sure that your problems as our responsibility and are resolved with the best engineering solution and the appropriate legal venue.

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