Our Representative Projects:

Consultant to Town of Weymouth, MA: Reviewing the design and permitting to assure the Town’s drinking water source and wetland resources not to be impacted by Weathervane Golf Course and over 200 units Condominium Development, 1996-2009.

Bearcraft Subdivision Development, Attleboro, MA: wetland delineation and permitting,  soil evaluation for septic system design, wildlife (marled salamander, four-toed salamander, spotted turtle) filed survey and habitat mapping for a 12-lot subdivision, 2005-2008.

Winterberry Hills, Easton, MA:  Conducted a river network hydraulics and floodplain study for a successful revision of the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) through Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  This lead to gain 25 acres of land outside of floodplain for a 44-lot residential subdivision and spared some existing homes from unnecessary flood insurance.

Ocean View Farm, 12 & 30 Allen Neck Road, Dartmouth, MA: wetland delineation and wildlife field survey (northern harrier, etc. al): This 170-acres of ocean/water front property was originally mapped as a habitat for six endangered species and not much usable land for the land owner.  Dr. Wang through initial field inspection raised doubt about the map accuracy and through effective communication with NHESP staff, he managed to redefine the species number for field survey work, which saved the land owner tens of thousands of study cost.  At the end, Dr. Wang led his team to accurately define the actual habitat on the property, which made the most of the land developable, 2006-2008.

Newton Street wildlife Study, Southborough, MA:  Coordinated and conducted Eastern Box Turtle Habitat field Survey to redefine the NHESP Atlas habitat map and successfully resolved potential issues for development of 37 single family houses and 150 unit of elderly housing, 2005-2008.

Sylvan Spring Subdivision-64 luxury home development, Mendon, MA:  In charge of the wetland delineation of about 130 acres of land, stormwater management design, and permitting with local conservation commissions (Mendon, Upton, and Northbridge),  MA DEP, ACOE, MEPA, and EPA overcoming hurdles of wetland crossing and bridge design, wetland replication, Indian historic site protection, ENF, 401 WQC, and 404 permitting, and construction sediment and erosion control monitoring and inspection, 2003-2012.

Sawyer Hill Co-housing, Berlin, MA:  hydrogeological study, 21600 gpd common wastewater treatment design and permitting for 68 unit co-housing development, 2005-2008.

Southborough Medical Center, Southborough, MA: 80, 000 gpd on-site wastewater treatment plant, hydrogeological study and groundwater discharge permitting, stormwater, ENF, Wetland, NPDES permitting and monitoring, 2002-.

Oakhill Community, 175 home site wastewater treatment system upgrade, Attleboro, MA:  Conduct soil and groundwater study for hydrogeological and groundwater discharge permitting, 2009- present

Pingry Hill Residential Subdivision, Ayer, MA: Environmental Compliance and Monitoring.  This is a five-phase 155 lot subdivision. CLAWE provided successful solutions to control sediment and erosion problems and brought runoff turbidity from over 600 NTUs to less than 50 NTUs, which lead to a quick settlement of enforcement order (Cease-Desist) and related issues with Ayer Conservation Commission and MA DEP.  CLAWE is now safeguard the site construction environmental issues by doing regular site inspection and providing sediment and erosion control adjustment according to the progress of the project.    2012 – present

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